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Smiling medical personel


Doctor and Patient

Dr. Ivan Stoev - urologist

Dr. Ivan Pidakev - surgeon

Dr. Krassimir Todorov - surgeon

Dr. Yuliy Aksentiev - ophthalmologist

Dr. Desislava Lekova - dermatologist

Dr. Nezabravka Maslarska - cardiologist

Dr. Evgeni Dimchovski - cardiologist

Dr. Julia Ivanova - endocrinologist

Dr. Iliya Kalaydzhiev - endocrinologist

Dr. Karamfila Tsokova - gastroenterologist

Dr. Ivanka Pacholova - neurologist

Dr. Antoaneta Angelova - psychiatrist

Dr. Boyan Hristov - orthopedist

Dr. Lucien Mitev - orthopedist

Dr. Ana Atanasova - ENT

Dr. Teodora Hadjiivanova - ENT

Dr. Klara Baldjieva - pediatrician

Dr. Laureta Dakova - pediatrician

Dr. Dimitar Kazakov - AG

Dr. Diana Dyakova - AG

Dentist Office

Dr. Kristina Mladenova

Dr. Katrin Pancheva

Dr. Tony Zhekov

Dr. Galina Stefanova

Dr. Tsvetelina Nasser


Since opening its doors to patients in 2010, MDC "Crystal" is a leading medical center in the region of Sofia. We care about the satisfaction of our patients and guarantee the top lines of medical services to return you to full health. Visit us today and see how we can help you or your loved ones.

Medical and Dental Centers "Crystal" are a chain of medical institutions with a subject of activity oriented to outpatient specialized medical care.
Some of the activities that the team of the clinic offers are prevention, diagnostics, immunizations, various manipulations, referral to a hospital in cases where this is necessary, issuance of expertise for temporary incapacity for work, etc.

The medical centers have a multidisciplinary clinical laboratory for the study of biochemical and hematological parameters.
MDC "Crystal" has a contract with the NHIF, which allows all health insured persons to be consulted and examined by established specialists working with us after providing a referral from a GP. The clinics also serve private patients and individuals, part of various health insurance companies.

Blood Test

microbiology, parasitology, virology,

clinical laboratory, PCR tests for COVID-19



a team of highly specialized doctors



/ blood sampling from 08:00 - 11:00 /

Doctor Holding Patient's Hand

Dr. Georg Vloka

Dr. Vesela Stankova

Dr. Svetla Geshakova

Dr. Nelia Ivanova

Dr. Rumyana Weiss

Dr. Ventsislav Kolenkov

Dr. Silvena Popova

Dr. Valentina Minkova

Dr. Blagovesta Kosturkova

Dr. Milen Dimitrov

Dr. Emilia Mitseva

Dr. Georgi Pranchev

Dr. Natashka Kostadinova

Dr. Nelly Sofiyanska

Dr. Nelly Kirazyan

Dr. Sonya Kamenova

Dr. Darina Danailova

Dr. Sonya Kacheshmarova

Dr. Rumyana Lazarova

Dr. Stanimir Savov

Dr. Rosen Tsakov

Dr. Galina Atseva

Dr. Rumyana Semenkova


offices and practices of famous GPs

Doctor and Patient

organizing preventive

reviews throughout the country



Sofia, 55 Osogovo str



Sofia, 239 Al. Stamboliyski blvd



Mon. - Fri. : 08:00 - 19:00


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